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To VeloSolo, where we distribute a range of UK made precision bike components including bolt-on and threaded track cogs, CNC chainrings, spacer kits, handlebars and more. In addition we offer products from companies such as Token, Sugino, MKS, Nitto, KMC, Miche and many others - for fixed wheel or singlespeed bicycles, both on and off-road. We ship worldwide every day with customers in over 60 countries and across the USA.

Latest News:

IMPORTANT: the VeloSolo shop is now closed for annual holidays throughout AUGUST - please see the blog for details.

July 18: VeloSolo SALE! Huge reductions on many items - please see the blog for details.

December 1: VeloSolo stock news - chainrings just in - please see the blog for details.

October 11: VeloSolo stock news - tools and spacers - please see the blog for details.

January 5: Brexit and shipping to the EU - please see the blog for details.

Are you new to fixed and singlespeed bikes? If so our FAQ section is a great place to start and has lots of useful info. As always, please email with any questions, we are always happy to help.

Introduction to VeloSolo bolt-on Disc Cogs.

  • Threads damaged on your track hub due to a loose or over-tightened cog?
  • Cranked up that last ridge on your MTB fix and the hub threads gave out?
  • Don't want to carry bulky wrenches and chain whips?
  • Like to try fixed riding off-road without building a new wheel?

The bolt-on Disc Cog offers an alternative to traditional threaded track cogs and is suitable for both road and off-road bicycles.

  • Change cogs in a minute with just a Torx or hex key.
  • An end to the possibility of damaged threads, seized or slipping cogs.
  • Converts your disc hub singlespeed MTB into a fixed wheel in seconds.
  • An adaptable affordable system that uses any standard six bolt disc hub.

Please see shop and faq for full information on bolt-on cogs, hubs and other parts suitable for your fixed or singlespeed road or mountain bike.

If you have any questions please send an email. We ship anywhere in the world.

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